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Location:Seattle, WA, USA
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Developer experience/tools-centric software engineer with over ten years of free/open source software contributions who makes a positive social impact.


Proficient in designing and implementing Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) workflows, integrating different programming languages together, and building tools to make continuous integration/delivery more efficient & developer-friendly.


Maintainer & Working Group Member/Chair, Electron

May 2015 to Present

  • Maintainer of Electron Packager, a popular build tool for Electron to bundle & customize an Electron application.
  • Co-maintainer of several Electron packaging tools, including Electron Forge.
  • Member of the Ecosystem Working Group (née Docs & Tools) for Electron Governance (Feb. 2019 - Present).
  • Chair of the Ecosystem Working Group for Electron Governance (Sept. 2019 - Present).

Software Engineer, Infogroup

June 2014 to Present

Developer for the Data Axle platform (Ruby on Rails), which provides the most accurate local business data to many different companies, including mapping websites and hedge funds.

Specific projects:

  • Developer-owner of several services, including a consumer-oriented website, a fulfillment platform, and an internal data audit tool.
  • Automated significant parts of an ETL workflow that processes well over a billion records per month (4x increase in record processing, 40x decrease in person-hour labor).
  • Created end-to-end features used by teams of associates to validate sourced data more efficiently than existing manual practices.
  • Introduced a Rust-based extension for Ruby to one of the Ruby on Rails web services, which resulted in a 2x speedup while processing.

Technologies used: Ruby (on Rails), AWS, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch

Software Development Engineer, DreamBox Learning, Inc.

November 2010 to present

Server-side developer for an intelligent adaptive learning system that teaches elementary/middle school children math in an engaging manner.

Specific projects:

  • Owner and key developer of the second version of the district provisioning service, which loads districts, schools, classrooms, teachers, and students into the system during a period of major growth (600,000+ objects processed in 2013, over 6x that of 2012).
  • Developer-owner of the production-like development environments, responsible for deployment scripts plus coordination with Operations for resource/dependency requirements.
  • One of the main developers on a year-long, cross-team (Marketing, Sales, CS, Dev) marketing initiative.

Technologies used: Ruby (on Rails), AWS, MySQL, memcached, nginx

Application Developer, EVO Media Group

October 2009 to November 2010

Python/Django developer for a gamified, free website builder which has over 40,000 users.

Specific projects:

  • Migrated the website building platform from PHP to Python.
  • Rewrote/maintained the featured site gallery.
  • Implemented/documented a single sign-on (SSO) API for use by partners.
  • Designed, implemented, & documented an SDK for creating third-party modules for the platform.
  • Integrated social media and game mechanics into the website editor.
  • Created an open source framework on top of Django that replaced its ORM/templating engine with SQLAlchemy/Jinja2, respectively.
  • Designed & implemented support for long-running background tasks via Celery.

Technologies used

Web Developer, Viverrae, LLC (

November 2007 to February 2009

  • Designed and developed the key monetizing feature of the website: the dealer portal (Result: increased sales by 500%).
  • Designed and developed an OpenSocial widget for deployment on several social network websites.

Technologies used: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP

Developer, Information Tasks Framework (University of Washington)

April 2007 to June 2007

  • Helped design a generic PostgreSQL schema, which can be used to build a class of applications dealing with "items" of information
  • Developed and documented a high-level API for PHP, which allowed developers to interface with the SQL stored procedures and functions that were created as a low-level API for the schema.

Core Developer, Avant Window Navigator

March 2007 to March 2010

  • Worked with a global team of volunteers to develop features and provide bugfixes for software which was packaged in several Linux distributions.
  • Release manager for several stable releases.
  • Actively moderated/monitored the forum, IRC, and Launchpad project management system for support requests.

Technologies used: Linux, C, Vala, Autotools, GDB

Developer, Informatics Capstone (University of Washington)

January 2007 to March 2007

  • Designed a modification to both an open source real-time collaborative editor and a web-based open source project management system as a proof-of-concept for a workflow model that combines the advantages of both real-time and asynchronous remote collaboration.
  • Tested the modifications in terms of interaction usability and evaluation of the model.

Technologies used: Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python, C++


University of Washington (Seattle, WA)

September 2003 to June 2007

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Informatics