Code Portfolio

This is a sampling of publicly available code that I have written over the years, in reverse chronological order. For more examples, please see my Ohloh profile.


Bash—Test harness for a Python interface to Redmine's REST API. Downloads a compatible version of Redmine, instantiates a new SQLite DB with fixture data, runs the Redmine daemon, and then runs the testsuite (with code coverage). Terminates the Redmine daemon on completion.

Python—Generates a random OATH secret when creating a new user. Part of an example Flask app that uses the pyoath-toolkit library to login a user with two-factor authentication.


C—API wrapper to get the status of a Subversion repository's working copy. Part of the subvertpy library.


Python—Utility function that imports an attribute from the first module that has the attribute, given a list of modules. Part of a larger framework built on top of the Django framework, Baph.


Vala—Parses an INI-style file to get a representation of a configuration schema, which is comprised of one or more configuration options. Part of libdesktop-agnostic, a Free Desktop library that provides common APIs for configuration, VFS, etc.